Create your online-course with unique teaching method without having to code.

There's no way to create your unique online-teaching method unless you're a good engineer.

In a simple drag-n-drop interface, we provide you extensive tools for online-course creation and management.

Create content in your web-browser, and it will be present in our mobile app for students.

Access everything you need to build a unique course with rich, interactive lessons.

Modular structure

Freely move, combine and link course stories as you need and whenever you need. Have complete freedom in defining the moment of appearance of the story in the user’s news-feed.

Condition Triggers

– Location
– Time
– Test passed
– Score achieved
– Payment completed

Dynamic Stories

Dynamically generated personal stories for users from the uploaded data spreadsheets.


– Photo
– Video
– Text
– Audio
– Music
– Quizz
– Polls

Easily engage and retain your audience

With the features that were previously avaliable only for developers.

Power Features

– Contests between users at the story level
– User's camera with pre-installed stickers or AR objects
– Payment block


– Mobile push notifications
– Direct messages


– Personalised statistical block
– Statistics of all participants
– List of participants


– Discussion blocks
– Story level comments

Actively involve students in the learning process with gamification mechanics and a convenient tracking system of user achievements.

Take the course content to the next level. Invite media professionals for the storyboard editing.

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